About Kisa Pest Control

Kisa Pest Control Ltd is a leading pest control & fumigation service provider in Nairobi

KISA Pest control Kenya – We are Kenya’s guaranteed pest control and fumigation services our pest control in Kenya covers Nairobi Kenya pest control services, Mombasa Kenya pest control services and Kisumu Kenya pest control services and general pest extermination in Kenya. We are approved by the pest control products board of Kenya to offer pest elimination services, pest extermination services, professional fumigation services we offer guaranteed services including Nairobi pest control services, Kisumu pest control services, Mombasa pest control services in Kenya for all our residence and commercial clients.

We Started Early

KISA Fumigation services Ltd started as sole proprietorship in 2009 providing domestic services. Our clientele grew and industrial pest control and fumigation services. We are duly registered under the companies act of Kenya and also a member of the national pest.

Why Chose KISA

Our Kenya pest control services offer a lasting solution to our esteemed clients both in homes and commercial properties we guarantee cockroach control services, mosquitoes control services, bedbugs control services, bedbugs FAQ and extermination services, termite control services, bats control services, bees control services, wasps control services,. Fleas control services, ants control services, rodents control services, rat and mice control services, flies control services and most pest management services.

Our fumigation and pest control services provider company KISA- Kenya acknowledge pest extermination, pest controlling, pest removal, pest eradication is a strategic pest control procedure to eliminate unwanted insects from your home and its environs.

Call +254 717 549071 to keep your Home or Office pest free. We serve residential and commercial facilities throughout Nairobi and its environs.

Whether your premises is an office building, residential block, industrial warehouse, school, hospital, or commercial unit, we have highly trained specialists waiting to take care of your pest prevention and control needs.

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